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Welcome to The Conquer Network!

For entrepreneurs ready to breakthrough anxiety and conquer business without burnout.

Welcome, Conquerprenuer!

The Conquer Network brings together online service-based entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants, counselors, and thought leaders) ready to build mental wealth, conquer business anxiety, reframe your mindset, and break out of your comfort zone, via content, courses and events, so you can, achieve your next business milestone in creating high ticket offers, marketing, and sales.

Are you a coach, counselor, consultant, or thought leader with an online service-based business?

 Can You Relate?

  • You feel confused by all the learning curves in business. 

  • You feel unqualified when business opportunities knock. 

  • You feel terrified to promote yourself on the internet.

  • You feel frustrated you're not getting any clients.

Here’s why you need to break through your business anxiety?

You’ll be more confident in consultations when you understand your client.

You’ll be visible online when you recognize, the value of your specialized service.

You’ll be courageous enough to break out of your shell and ditch your comfort zone.

You’ll push past your fear of failure or success, so you’re no longer stuck or stalled

"What she said!"


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The Conquer Network 

Paid Programs

Conquer Classes

Boost Your Business Visibility (Even if you're shy, an introvert, or have social media anxiety.)

Clients are searching for you on Google, they'll only find you if you're there. Complete class in 60-90 minutes, to start building your internet presence, so clients and corporations can find you.  

The Business Anxiety Breakthrough Course! 

For the first time, I’ve turned hours of pivotal business mindset sessions with clients, into a 12-week interactive online course, to help you start taking consistent action on 6 key areas, required to build your business confidence and reach your next business milestone in high-ticket offers, marketing, and sales.

Practice-A-PAUSE (Individual Coaching)! 

One Month of individual emotional support, to help you to reset your mind and life to improve your business. 

The Conquer Business Planner: A 6-Month Planner to Conquer Your Biggest Business Goals

This undated planner will help you to plan and track your 6-month goals. It's included with any paid coaching program. Get Your Copy on Amazon

As an entrepreneur therapist and coach, I guide service-based entrepreneurs ready to break through the business anxiety that holds them back from committing 100% to the life and the business they dream of.

True story, I was the girl voted “most quiet” in middle school. I didn’t even know that was a category. I hated being the center of attention, public speaking made me feel like fainting and sales felt sleazy. I hated candy sales! Can you relate? 

Who knew those SAME challenges, would creep into entrepreneurship.

I had a lot of business mindset work to do, to start attracting business opportunities, clients, and more money. 

And now I'm helping you do the same.

Feel free to email [email protected] with any questions. 
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