The Conquer Network

Welcome to The Conquer Network!

Not Currently Available for Purchase

Welcome to The Conquer Network!

Breakthrough Your Mental Limits in Business

Not Currently Available for Purchase

About Us

This is a mental health positive community for entrepreneurs like you, ready to breakthrough business anxiety, beat business burnout and build business meaningful relationships with confidence. 

Why You Should Join Us

Because other business coaching communities and groups make you nervous. They move too fast and you feel like you don't fit in, if you let them know you're terrified of EVERYTHING! lol 

In this network, you WILL get emotional & business support, network with fellow aspiring entrepreneurs & break through your limits to making money in your business. 

You can stop hiding, making excuses, running from your calling and step into your power as a full time online entrepreneur.

It's Emotional

The Conquer Network is a premiere network focused on Entrepreneurship & Emotional Wellness. Confidence in yourself is REQUIRED as a new entrepreneur to become a profitable business. 

You'll get real, practical business skills, and guidance for the day to day functioning as a business owner, with accountability and support of your conquer "accountabuddies!" You may even find a business bestie!

Building on the 4 C's Business Foundation; Courage, Clarity, Consistency & Community!

"What she said!"

"Seneca was instrumental in helping me to overcome crippling fear of failure. She is supportive and guided me through the peaks and valleys of our coaching sessions. I did not believe I could launch a business. The fear of failing before I even started was overwhelming. At the end of our career coaching sessions, the fear of failure didn’t disappear it helped to fuel my motivation to success." 

"I was working on building a brand and becoming more socially present with both social media and my day to day relationships. I was very anxious and unorganized. Seneca gave me encouragement to reach out to others and helped me build some structure in my plan. During working with her our calls provided me with comfort and eased my anxiety." 

"I would definitely work with Seneca again. It was easy talking with her and opening up to her. She is skilled at what she does. We worked on my anxiety related to starting a business and my resistance about certain things. I was able to gain clarity during one of our sessions that helped me move forward." 

"My coach was able to identify my fears and provide suggestions on how I could move past them. She provided clarity on situations that seemed overwhelming."

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